About Us

Started in 2016 under the name Bucket Boys, Local Drinks Collective has been through some changes through the years, but has always kept its core of bringing fun, interesting, and unusual beer, wine, cider, and seltzer to the people of Marrickville and Australia as a whole. We specialise in the weird and the wonderful that Australian and international craft beer has to offer, but customers can, of course, still find their favourite flagship brews by the breweries they know and love. Whether you’re after more traditional wine styles or more modern interpretations, we have that too.

Where did the new name come from? On a broader scale Local Drinks Collective is a collective of independent breweries, including Batch Brewing Co. and Wayward Brewing Co. The collective lets us share resources and knowledge so that we can ultimately do better for our customers. In late 2022, Batch wanted to transform its existing store into a true local community bottleshop, and what better way to express that than by calling it Local Drinks Collective!

Local Drinks Collective is more than just selling drinks. We’re a community focused bottle shop with an Australia-wide footprint. You can order anything from our online bottle shop and we’ll get it to you anywhere in Australia. And when you order (or come visit us in Marrickville), you know you’re supporting an Australian business that supports its workers through career growth and a share scheme.

We believe that our Marrickville based bottleshop wouldn’t be there without the community, and we’re proud to be part of it. Whether it’s someone local who swings by to pick up a couple beers before getting some take away next door, someone looking for something specific, an online customer, or even a group of mates relaxing in our upstairs bar, that’s our community.