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Wildflower X A.P Bakery Anchovy Toast

Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Style: Kvass-inspired ale

ABV: 5%

750ml Bottle

A hoppy Kvass-inspired ale wholly fermented by a diversity of yeasts and bacteria collected from native flowers in NSW and loaves from A.P bakery.

Fresh basil, pine, cut grass, lime juice and toasted vanillin biscuits on the nose. The fruit characters of guava and raspberry come late and unexpectedly. Wonderful lift and purity of aromas, an overwhelmingly fresh and complex hop driven nose. The palate shows the pine, grassiness and surprisingly raspberry characters. There’s a floral perfume that blooms in the periphery and fills the palate. It moves quickly, bursting with flavours before fading to a moreish finish. Clean bitterness and toasty grains to close. Very enjoyable. Interesting to see how this one ages. The hop seems incredibly fresh still. Really nice finish.

Vegan friendly, no anchovies were harmed in the making of this beer.

  • $25.00